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  1. Canary Wharfian

    University Brand Ambassador Programme

    Hi all, If you are a university student looking to improve your profiles, look no further. We are offering a 3-month brand ambassador internship for university students. It is a great way to earn extra money during your university studies, learn...
  2. Canary Wharfian

    University Brand Ambassador Programme

    If you are a current university student looking to improve your profile in preparation for banking applications, look no further. We are offering a 3-month brand ambassador internship for university students. It is a great way to earn extra money during your university studies, learn marketing...
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    How to Succeed at a graduate (internship) Assessment Centre

    So, your application has been accepted, then you've passed the aptitude tests, then nailed your telephone interview and you are now on first name terms with your HR coordinator. You might be thinking that you're a part of the company now, but before you go and pick out your outfit for the...
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    Top 5 Graduate Screening Tests used by Big Four Audit/Consulting Firms

    To ensure they get the best employees, top auditing and consulting firms will put their potential candidates through a series of aptitude tests to screen graduates looking for a top job. These tests are designed to reduce the number of candidates before their application can advance. With so...
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    FEATURED Read 10 Lengthy Reviews of Assessment Centres

    Have an upcoming Assessment Centres at one of the leading investment banks? Look no more! The answer is here. The Assessment Centre database lets you share insider information on assessment centres. It's a great way to get to know what will happen at your assessment centre, including specific...
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    I see. I don't know much about INSEAD but I do about US colleges, actually I studied abroad there for a full year during my undergrad. It was a great experience, teachers were awesome and people are much nicer than in Europe which makes it a very good atmosphere. Viva America. Best of luck with...
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    Welcome @ilovefrankee! What is your most probable plan? If you do an MBA, would you do that in the UK or let's say the US? Any entrepreneurial ideas you have in mind that you'd work on?
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    The Big "Which Offer Should I Choose?" Thread

    Need advice on which offer should you take? Now's the time to ask!
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    Spring Week CV Shredder

    Sorry, you should be able to now.
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    The Hardest Investment Banking Interview Questions

    @AlexLielacher Thanks for posting!
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    How I had a long Career in Finance

    Thank you @SmallCapPM, great write up.
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    What an IBD Analyst Actually Does

    Thanks for posting!
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    Do You Really Want to go into Finance?

    Interesting perspective. What do you guys think?
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    Breaking into Private Equity

    @Happy Investor Thanks, great post!
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    Overseas MBA

    As an ambitious student or a working professional with a few years of experience under their belt, you may have thought about going to the US to get an MBA degree. After all, MBAs are an American creation and while universities worldwide now offer the degree, US business schools still dominate...
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    Networking Guide for Females

    Thank you @London Investor, great write up.
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    I'm a hedge fund analyst. Ask me anything

    Thanks a lot for doing this. What advice would you give to students who look to work in your profession? Why did you choose a career in finance?
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    Interview Series: EM Trader | Part II

    We had a conversation with an emerging markets trading Managing Director. Read our first interview here. Can you talk a little about your educational background? I got a degree in the late 90’s in Economics. Afterwards, I got a JD and did some work in law. How did your career move from law...
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    Interview Series: Trader | Part I

    In the next few weeks we are going to post a lot of interesting content on working in the Wharf, starting off with a Managing Director who has been working as a trader for a bulge bracket investment bank for more than 10 years. You have an undergraduate degree and two masters from the same...