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  1. AlexLielacher

    5 Cryptocurrencies You Should Consider Investing In

    Year-to-date, the digital currency bitcoin has generated a return on investment of over 1,100 percent and recently hit a new all-time high of $12,000. However, there are other cryptocurrencies that have generated even better returns. These are the digital currencies that have the most potential...
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    Bitcoin Job Boards That Could Get You a Job in Crypto

    As graduate jobs at investment banks are becoming increasingly more difficult to obtain and given that there is a massive move towards technology-driven solutions in the financial industry, it may be wise to look beyond jobs in sales and trading or IBD and see what other job opportunities there...
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    7 Fintech Services That Will Improve Your Life

    London has become one of the leading hubs for financial technology. There are now numerous fintech startups that are leveraging new technologies to improve financial services for businesses and consumers in the UK. In this post, you will be introduced to seven fintech services that offer better...
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    3 Apps Teaching You About Financial Markets

    If you are looking to break into the global markets division of an investment bank, it is vital when it comes to your applications and your interviews that you build a solid understanding of how the financial markets work. It may be true that some hiring managers prefer completely fresh...
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    Getting a Job in Bitcoins

    In 2008, an anonymous developer with the pseudonym Satoshi Nakamoto introduced the world to the first cryptocurrency called bitcoin. Since 2009, the price of one bitcoin went from $0.01 to over $1,000 in late 2013 and is currently hovering in the $700s. While bitcoin was initially only used by...
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    Switching Careers From Investment Banking To FinTech

    Banking jobs in the UK have been on a steep decline since the financial crisis in 2008. According to Business Insider British banks alone have cut over 186,000 jobs since 2008. As banks have had to reduce balance sheets to comply with new capital adequacy requirements they have had to shrink...
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    Can Technology Take Your Job?

    In this post I discuss the developments in technology and how they potentially able to affect future jobs in the industry. Popular, high-paying jobs, which are available now might not be around in 10 years. Electronic Trading It is no secret that eTrading platforms have long taken over in the...
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    What is average salary in IB?

    As a graduate, you normally earn the same across all front office roles. So that would be for quants also. However, if you come with a Ph.D. in your pocket you should normally get paid more and in some cases even start as an associate as opposed to an analyst.
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    Bonds 101

    Happy to help Harry!
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    Bonds 101

    You secured a job on a bond desk but you aren’t 100% sure what awaits you? In this post I will share the key aspects of working on such desk. For the sake of simplicity I will talk about working on a bond desk specifically as opposed to fixed income in general as that includes interest rate...
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    FinTech vs. Banking

    I agree on the last part. If you don't get don't any equity and you start at a small new start-up it is a huge risk with little pay off. Although that's exactly why the smaller start-ups do offer equity. Personally, I wouldn't recommend starting at a fresh new start-up without getting equity...
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    The Effects of Brexit

    I doubt they will boost intern/grad intake, unfortunately. Perhaps for certain departments the number of interns will rise (such as compliance and risk management). But front office staff, not so much.
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    The Effects of Brexit

    Salaries in Germany and France for the graduates at RBS when I started were the same. However, the French didn't get a sign on bonus (due to some odd French law). But the German based guys got German employment contracts, which makes them hard to fire and include longer paid gardening leave...
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    FinTech vs. Banking

    Getting a graduate job in banking became increasingly difficult since the 2008 financial crisis. And now, with Brexit, it has become even more difficult to secure a seat as a graduate trainee at an investment bank. However, while headcount at banks is being reduced, the booming financial...
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    The Effects of Brexit

    We all seen the surprising results of the EU referendum on Friday morning. Whether you voted to leave or remain, it is without the shadow of a doubt that the result of the ‘Brexit” referendum will have severe negative effects on the UK economy and London’s banking sector in the near future...
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    The Hardest Investment Banking Interview Questions

    Having sat over 50 interviews during my time at an investment bank and several more during my career, I heard and asked a fair share of annoying interview questions. In this post I would like to share them with you. As this is a forum for university students looking to break into finance, I will...
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    The Personality You Need for Trading

    I believe that every skill and profession can be learned by anyone. Nonetheless, some people are more prone to do certain jobs than others. In this post I would like to discuss seven signs that your personality might have that fit good for a trading career. 1. You Love The Financial Markets...
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    Day in The Life of a Commodity Trader

    That really depends on when you go to bed. But getting up at around 6am is pretty standard, so yeah around 7 hours sleep on most nights. If your client base in overseas then you do more client trips and less entertaining during the week. If you have a UK client base then you'll have at least...
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    Is it possible to move from back to front office?

    In the 1980s and 90s many people have started their careers in banking in the back office and worked themselves up the ladder to eventually become high-profile traders or sales people. However, nowadays it has become increasingly difficult to move up the ranks within an investment bank. So, is...