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    Hi , Just thought it would be a good idea to start a thread on spring programs.

    Well as far as i am concerned im an international student (In France to be more precise) and its my fourth year at the uni.(you know the french system in quite different from the british one here its my first year of master degree in a business school while in the UK i might be considered as a student on her last year of bsc prtogram)

    So im considering applying for several spring programs in the UK(JP morgan, morgan stanley, etc...) .
    But im not sure is my profile is interesting or average

    To give you a quick overview i completed a bachelor degree in France in foreign languages(English & Spanish) and international business in a pretty good university ,spent the last semester of my Bachelor at Loughbrough Uni(heard it was a top 10 UK uni, not sure) where i took company finance modules and a couple of business courses.And now im in French top 10 business School completing a Master in Management along with a specialisation in Finance.
    never interned but i did have a couple of jobs (waitress, crew member in mc donald, hostess)
    dont have a lot of extracurricular activities but im part of the financial student club on my business school ,im doing some volunteering and well did a couple of market research and business plans/models.

    im going to upload my resume later

    till then can y'all tell me how my profile sounds?tips, advices? im open to anything
    Also, im i eligible to the JP morgan Finance for finance program?,since i barely have relevant experience related to finance.Or should i apply to any spring insight they offer?

    thanks in advance.

    sorry for all the mistakes
  2. Trigger

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    Any front office job is probably out of your reach. If you want to do investment banking or trading, start networking with alumni.

    For back and middle office roles (finance is one) you will be fine.

    There is an eligibility list on every bank's website where you can see the requirements for the position (grades you need etc). Spring insight is for first year university students. Since you are after your masters, you need to apply for banks' graduate programme.
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