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Discussion in 'CV Shredder' started by Tjuffeberg, Nov 3, 2017.

  1. Tjuffeberg

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    I'm a Swedish student about to apply for Spring Week 2018; and could really use any kind of feedback on my CV. Destroy it!

    There's a few things I spontaneously feel uncertain about:

    Is my choice of format good (Wallstreetoasis CV Template), or is it in my interest to switch? I feel like there's a lot of blank spaces and gaps.

    Are my bullet points relevant? I'm afraid that I might have listed irrelevant information to compensate for my lack of experience.

    And lastly, is this CV even close to competitive enough? As I said I feel like I lack relevant work/leadership experience compared to many other candidates - opinion?

    CV: *Removed*
    I sincerely appreciate any kind of feedback!
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  2. Trigger

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    Honestly I wouldn't apply with this. This is how the CV of an average candidate looks like. You can always try but I suggest you gain some finance related experience instead of applying.
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