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Canary Wharfian

1) Canary Wharfian is an anonymous community
Make sure you use the “Target/Non-Target/Bulge Bracket/MM” format in order to protect your identity and disclose any personal information at your own discretion. Revealing a fellow member’s identity will not be tolerated. For more information on our privacy policy click here.

2) Post threads in the appropriate section
If your thread does not seem to fit any of the sections, the Basketball Court (off topic discussions) is the way to go.

3) CV Shredder
Before you upload your CV make sure it’s in PDF and that you have edited out your personal details and formatted the headings as above.

4) Note the search bar
Do not be afraid to use it.

5) Limit your forum membership to one account only
Multiple accounts are not permitted.

6) No advertising in signatures
Unless you are granted for this, links are not permitted in signatures.

7) Don’t post copyright-protected material
When quoting articles from newspapers, other sites, etc. do not repost the full article; just quote a little bit, and credit where it came from.

8) Reporting a thread/comment
If you are unhappy with a comment or thread posted, click the Report button.

9) Liking content
If you find a comment or thread to be particularly useful, reward the person with a like.

10) Getting verified
We appreciate professionals who contribute to our community. We appreciate it even more when they reach out to us asking to get the Verified badge on their user box so members will know the information they provide comes from a reliable source. If you would like to get verified, send us a PM and we will reply with the details as soon as possible.

11) Other
The site revolves around the financial centre of the City of London and Canary Wharf. You should note that some of the guidance and advice here may differ to that in other regions. There will be differences in culture, recruitment, compensation and types of opportunities, internships and work placements available.

12) Making things better
We would love to hear your ideas on how we could improve the site. Please share your thoughts in this section. Thanks.
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